The High Performing Exec

You may have plenty of domain experience, but are you inspiring those around you?

A great executive isn't just an Expert, they're also an Inspiration... and they know how to handle tough situations. Execs must increase their own capacity to change and grow in order to enroll others in their vision.

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Create Your Crystal Clear Vision

Create a crystal clear vision for the results you want from yourself and your team, for your team's interactions with each other and the rest of the org, including the kind of leader and the achievements you want to be remembered for.

Uncover Hidden Challenges

Uncover the hidden challenges and obstacles that sabotage your success with your team, your peers and your organization, and get committed to solving them.

Get Reenergized

In just one session you'll feel renewed, re-energized and inspired to lead more powerfully and inspire your team to get more done without sacrificing your personal life.

About Daniel

Daniel is experienced in change management from his years at GM, and the human impacts of organizational change, especially technological change in a fast-paced environment, and in helping diverse people communicate more effectively and cope with change.

Daniel's joy comes from seeing the growth and positive changes in the people he coaches and in their teams, companies and even their families. He treats coaching relationships like musical collaboration: highly creative and dynamic, and full of possibility. He also loves studying organizations to improve their culture and performance, having led formal studies or organizational culture as part of his business education and employment.

Recently, he has facilitated multiple workshops both in the US and South America, speaking to and training entrepreneurs, executives and professionals.

Daniel has also advised start-ups in topics such as internal team dynamics and communication, as well as coaching founders.



Reveal the Tough Conversation Starter PDF!

When managers struggle to have the tough conversations, teams suffer, and it hurts productivity and morale.

Do you ever need to have tough conversations?  Maybe work isn't being completed, or you have to give feedback to someone who isn't going to like it, or maybe you have to tell someone their idea won't work, or maybe you have to deliver bad news.

Getting the most out of your team, isn't just in the work, it's in the interactions, especially when stakes are high and conversations get tough, bringing hidden opportunities with it.

Inside this FREE download, discover how to start tough conversations smartly, so that they go more smoothly.